ONDADURTO OFFICINA is a project aimed to stability. Featured by a close relationship between Ondadurto Teatro and the Municipality of Borgovelino, the project aimed to rebalance the cultural opportunity in the area. This activity will contribute to the education of public and to the growth of knowledge, above all in young people, of the languages ​​of performing arts and of other different artistic expressions, with particular attention to Street Theatre and Street Art. The work in parallel on Urban Theater and Street Art allows to increase cultural opportunities and facilitates its usability. Urban Theatre can change commonly used venues, transforming them into meeting, playing and pondering places, leaving them pervaded of its atmosphere far beyond the real time of the performance. Street Art, in turn, describes in a new way never artistically-used venues, switching them into renovated urban reality.

ONDADURTO OFFICINA will deal with urban art in the broadest sense of this term. Not scheduling well-recognized names, but pointing onto artistic quality of proposals with a particular focus on international ones. At the same time will be an opportunity of growing for companies and artists and will be an opportunity of discovery and knowledge for local citizens.
Between 02/06/2014 and 30/06/2014, ONDADURTO OFFICINA will start:
• 1 workshops in local schools for young people
• 1 course of small circus
• 1 course for professionals
• 1 contest of street art
• 2 urban theatre summer festival