borgovelino-manifesto-newsIt will take place in Borgo Velino ( Rieti ), from 17 to 23 of August, the inBorgo Festival II edition, international event conceived and organized by Ondadurto Teatro, within the European project Contact Zones, born with the aim of creating interactions between performing arts, audience and urban spaces and in which Borgo Velino is the second milestone.

The Festival will be a real mix of urban and narrative theater, new circus, performing arts and video art, where classical arts, documentaries and open air shows, will connect to celebrate the meeting of different forms of expression and performing arts.

Four days of shows, seven days of national and international workshops, four international companies, over forty artists involved. A 2015 planning which will combine foreign companies and important names of the national scene, and among them Ascanio Celestini stands out. From 17 to 22 of August 2015 inBORGO program will also involve the neighboring municipalities of Collerinaldo and Antrodoco, where surreal and dreamlike characters will play with customers using the old technique of the audience calling, leading them in the nearby festival atmosphere. Tourists and locals will also fans by workshops and laboratories that will start during the week.

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