Ondadurto Teatro, supporting by the Municipality of Borgovelino, has started a theater workshop aimed to local young people ending in May 2015 with a public assay.
This work will contribute to formation and growth in the audience, above all in young people, of performing arts languages and other artistic expressions.
The laboratory is addressed to 6 – 10 years aged children.
The first aim of this laboratory, designed as educational activity of the body and the intellect, is the essential goal of creating in boys and girls attitudes to theater through the acquisition of the “stage presence” and taking a new and more conscious management of them-selves.
But the educational function of the theater can be also bond to its ability to develop the level of communication and receptivity; so our aim is to enhance the principle of choral and ensemble by raising awareness to rhythm, music and the dynamic equilibrium of the stage.
Following the work to interpretation, on both comedy and tragedy, it will proceed in parallel on different levels: the game play, the study of expressive languages, the impro-theater, ending with the staging. The path traced start with the awakening of the body part and continues through individual and collective games of improvisation, with the rediscovery of an authentic and conscious relationship between “myself and the space” and “myself and the others”.