inBORGO Performing Arts Festival
II edizione

17–23 AGOSTO 2015

It will take place in Borgo Velino ( Rieti ), from 17 to 23 of August, the inBorgo Festival II edition, international event conceived and organized by Ondadurto Teatro, within the European project Contact Zones, born with the aim of creating interactions between performing arts, audience and urban spaces and in which Borgo Velino is the second milestone. The Festival will be a real mix of urban and narrative theater, new circus, performing arts and video art, where classical arts, documentaries and open air shows, will connect to celebrate the meeting of different forms of expression and performing arts.

Four days of shows, seven days of national and international workshops, four international companies, over forty artists involved. A 2015 planning which will combine foreign companies and important names of the national scene, and among them Ascanio Celestini stands out. From 17 to 22 of August 2015 inBORGO program will also involve the neighboring municipalities of Collerinaldo and Antrodoco, where surreal and dreamlike characters will play with customers using the old technique of the audience calling, leading them in the nearby festival atmosphere. Tourists and locals will also fans by workshops and laboratories that will start during the week.

Shows in Borgo Velino will be inaugurated on August the 20 by “I Camerieri”, performance by the Italian group Sbazzing Project and by the urban theater show entitled “C’era una volta”, by Ondadurto Teatro, a company appreciated worldwide for its feature to combine acrobatics, dance, video projections and incredible stage machines. The evening of August 21 will be open by the Chilean Nouveau Cirque artist, Mistrall Palo who will pass the baton to the narrative theater of Ascanio Celestini performing “Odissea: un racconto metropolitano” directed by Sergio Maifredi. On August 22, waders and percussionists of the German Company Antagon will enliven the village from the late afternoon till the beginning of the show “Lassù le ali non hanno ruggine”. On August 23 the one-man show by British artist Benjamin Delmas in Mr Bang will be on stage; and the Festival will end with the music and instruments (vocals, guitar, trumpet, saxophone and drums), of the Italian Veeblefetzer, a lineup that makes the band’s mould very recognizable and original.


20 August 2015

h. 21.00: I CAMERIERI

European Project Contact Zone
Sbazzing Project (IT) / Performance

sbazzing200Four Waiters, a Hall Musician and a Maitre and, obviously, warm dishes and hot pies ready to blow up. This is the setting that performers will use to lead the audience in a fifteen minutes’s luxurious Italian restaurant experience. The artistic language that uses the group is performing, where the actors through jokes, sketches and nouveau cirque, transform viewers into protagonists of the scene.

h. 22.30: C’ERA UNA VOLTA

Ondadurto Teatro (IT) / Urban Theater

ondadurto200“C’era una volta”, is much more than a show about princesses and heroes.The fairy imagination, so sweet and lovely in our memories, will be transformed, and lines between Good and Evil will become deeply evanescent. “C’era una volta”, a multidisciplinary Work where fascinating moving objects, water effects and technological contaminations create an expanded experience for the audience. A show that shuffles the ancient tradition by throwing away the “good and sweet” aroma, with a bittersweet taste in the typical style of the Revue. A show that has wowed international audiences, captivating public of all ages with amazing spectacular moments ranging from Phisical Theatre to Contemporary Circus.

21 August 2015

h. 19.15 e h. 21.15: SWING

European Project Contact Zone
Mistral Palo (Cile) / Nouveau Cirque

mistral200The perfect recipe for an original show!
4 stay cables • 1 five-metres high pole • 8 volunteers supporting the pole
1 acrobat artist on the verge of madness • Add sympathy and acrobatics at will
Mix everything and you can enjoy the flavor of a show that will get your adrenaline pumping, leaving an aftertaste of fun and suspense. Ready to enjoy it?
Mauricio Villarroel, great-grandson of Italian immigrants, has grew up in a quiet city of northern Chile called Iquique. In 2000 will merge with his great friend Francisco Rojas the DUO Tobarich, an acrobatic duo highly successful, specialist in the acro-balance discipline, with whom will travel all over the world, especially in Italy, where he will attend the most important theater festivals and major events, even going working with Cirque du Soleil.

h. 22.00: Odissea un racconto mediterraneo

Teatro Pubblico Ligure, with Ascanio Celestini (IT) / Theater
Directed by Sergio Maifredi

ascanio-celestini200The new show by Sergio Maifredi for the production of the Teatro Pubblico Ligure. “For five years working on the greatest adventure book of Western literature, the Odyssey, to bring it back to its original dimension of storytelling, of a reading shared by public”. Thus was born Odissea un racconto metropolitano, a show that crosses the Mediterranean with a consortium of contemporary singers, actors, musicians, philosophers and writers called by director Maifredi to get on stage. At Borgo Velino the important participation of ASCANIO CELESTINI, great interpreter of XXII canto of Odyssey.
It’s the returning journey’s poem that gives meaning to the journey itself.

22 August 2015


Antagon TheaterAKTion (Germania) / Dance and music performative actions


Antagon TheaterAKTion (Germania) / Urban Parade

Antagon200Waders, percussionists and dancers help us to slow down time, to lock it to give us a chance to breathe and become aware on our priorities. A show for four stilts, reminding us that there is not only the time dictated by the production chain, but also dictated by the chain of living relationship. Taking the time to take a break from the hectic life that society imposes on us, the time to ask whether the pace at which we live is our choice or it’s not.
Body, percussion and the sound of the voice, to scan a ritual modern dance that aims to reclaim the worship of water as a source of life. Oxum, the only female deity of Yoruba culture that took part in the Creation, is called by music and choreography, in an almost shamanic moment connecting ground to divine.
The skilful antagontheaterAKTion musicians demonstrate their peculiarities and skills, making use of body language, music and voice. Antagon’s goal is to free the energy that flows between the stage and the audience with a open, honest and direct relationship, that puts the focus on human being.


European Project Contact Zone / VISITA GUIDATA AL MUSEO ROTELLA
THEATRE EN VOL (Italia / Olanda) / Urban Theater

THEATRE-EN-VOL200“We are the stuff that dreams are made of” and Maestro Rotella’s dream it to fly.
Rotella however is not just anyone: haughty and humble, a rascal and a gentleman, he cannot bear the idea that this dream should end up as the anonymous shortcut provided by airlines.
For him it’s not just a question of getting quickly from one place to another; his flight is of another kind altogether, made up, as it is, of the same stuff as dreams.
His museum is home to improbable flying machines in which the exhibits are like the incoherent clumsy dreams, which we all abandon on the wayside. Rotella has rifled through public dumps and, captivated by every bizarre shape which reminded him of his obsessions, he succeeded, as his most illustrious inspiration Leonardo da Vinci said, in « imbuing the cold gears of inert mechanisms with a spiritual force which breathes life into them».
A fascinating that show was performed in major festivals and locations including the Grand Palais in Paris.

23 August 2015

h. 19.30 e h. 21.30: MR BANG

European Project Contact Zone
BENJAMIN DELMAS (Regno Unito) / One man show

mrbang200A metropolitan clown trying to blow up everything and everyone, including himself!
Playing on fear and tension that this creates in the audience, it surprised everyone by creating absurd situations interspersed with twists, games of smoke, explosions and unexpected stinging jokes!
The frenetic pace of the character a bit crazy, a bit magic, a bit “pyrotechnical”.


European Project Contact Zone

VEEBLEFETZER200VEEBLEFETZER presents the “No Magic No Bullet” show, where a ‘sui generis’ group can coexist echoes of dub between the shacks of Kingston and flashes of pure rock’n’roll, between a New Orleans funeral and a gypsy wedding in the Sarajevo countryside…
Vocals, guitar, trumpet, “susafono”, and drums, a lineup that makes the imprint of the band definitely recognizable and original. The extremely addictive show is traveling on the tracks of a roller-coaster able to move between intimate ascents and explosive descents.

Performance Site Specific Antrodoco

18-19 Agosto 2015

h. 19.00: LE TRE COMARI

by Ondadurto Teatro (IT) / Performance

20 Agosto 2015

h. 19.00: I CAMERIERI

by Sbazzing Project (IT) / Performance

Performance Site Specific Collerinaldo

21-22 Agosto 2015

h. 17.00: WESEN PARADE

by AntagontheaterAKTion (DE) / Urban Parade


17-22 Agosto 2015

h. 16.30: TEATRO LAB

6 / 10 years old

20-22 Agosto 2015


15 / 21 years old

Infos and contacts

Info line: 388.7333148 |
Ufficio Stampa – FABIGHINFANTI
Carla Fabi 338 4935947 – Roberta Savona 340 2640789

Inside the European target about the audience DEVELOPMENT, there will be realized the VIDEO BOX and the UNDER 25 projects, acts of the festival within the European plan CONTACT ZONES.
– VIDEO BOX: is a tool for reflection on life in cities and public art, where the focus is the audience.
– UNDER 25: A group of boys and girls will follow all shows and performances and, through Facebook, Twitter and a dedicated blog, will talk about their point of view.

ONDADURTOTEATRO is partner and founder of River // Cities, European platform for the development and promotion of cultural projects in Urban Spaces, supported by the European Cultural Foundation.
The artistic direction of inBORGO Festival, is part of C.Re.S.Co., a national coordination of the contemporary scene consisting on festivals, companies, workers and artists from different aesthetic, working together to defend the dignity of those operating in this industry, the recovery of an established role for contemporary artists in the national social context, the overall growth of the language of research and innovation.

The 2015 inBORGO Festival edition is part of Contact Zones, international and multidisciplinary project whose stages are developed in Frankfurt (DE), Borgo Velino (IT), Great Yarmut (UK), Rome (IT). It’s a festival and a project involving three European Union countries and artists coming from different nations. Posted in the CULTURAL WORKSHOPS planning 2014/2016, the event inBORGO 2015 is realized with the support of REGIONE LAZIO and co-funded by CREATIVE EUROPE PROGRAMME 2014-2020.


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