Past events

DROM, a forza di essere vento

During 2007/2008 edition innovative methods have been put in place to promote learning, regulate behavior and interpersonal relationships, develop greater consistency in the commitment and attitude to collaboration. The workshops realized  this year have helped to enhance and emphasize the traditions and the belonging peoples cultures : one of these laboratory, for example, has been focused on storytelling, another one, in collaboration with the group of musicians NTZ (New Tribes Zulu ), has faced typical and traditional music of Gypsy culture, allowing the children to discover their own roots and traditions.
This cultural exchange made possible the creation of a great visual impact and high social significance show which involved 15 gipsy children between 7 and 12 years, two no itinerant adult and 15 professional actors of Ondadurto Teatro. This show, which was the culmination of a long human and cultural process of engagement, is named DROM.
The project led to the organization of a three days Festival in EUR Roman Civilization Museum – focused on Interculture, in which, as guests, attended NTZ, Naufragarm├Ędolce, Ondadurto Teatro and Agricantus.

The festival has also recorded the distinguished presence and intervention of Amnesty International.