With its activity contributes to audience theatre education, with particular attention on new generations, and to raising awareness of public to arts and culture. OFFICINA is constantly working for the development of languages ​​in performing arts and other artistic expressions, in particular in the field of urban theater and street art.
ONDADURTO OFFICINA deals with urban art in the broadest sense of this term. The work in parallel on Urban Theater and Street Art allows to increase cultural opportunities and facilitates its usefulness. Urban Theatre can change commonly used venues, transforming them into meeting, playing and pondering places, leaving them pervaded of its atmosphere far beyond the real time of the performance. Street Art, in turn, describes in a new way never artistically-used venues, switching them into renovated urban reality. The distinctive feature of ONDADURTO OFFICINA is its multidisciplinary approach with events that use techniques and specific languages ​​and / or their mixture.
ONDADURTO OFFICINA works in close collaboration with other artistic laboratory on the territory in Lazio Region, in order to foster relations and coalitions with other productive structures and local organizations, as well as with national and international structures. The project is made possible thanks to the Lazio Region – Department of Culture and in collaboration with the Municipality of Borgo Velino – Department of Culture.
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